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Spend 3 days in and around the malaria-free Addo National Park enjoying the wildlife and the spectacular mountain views from your accommodation. Guests will be treated to a guided tour of the Addo Park in an open landrover. Whilst in the Park and back at the camp, guests will learn how to see life, and animals in particular, through the eyes of an artist and learn the basics of how to sketch and capture what they see.

The next few days will be spent at a 4 star guest farm near the picturesque seaside village of St Francis Bay. Andrew will continue to share his love and knowledge of the African environment and how to sketch. In between lessons, guests will enjoy a guided bush walk and weather permitting, a whale and dolphin boat ride or a milder boat tour of the local St Francis canal system.

The final 2 days will take guests to another superb 4 star Country House in the Plettenberg Bay area. Guests will experience a tree canopy tour in the indigenous forests. The final lesson day, an exciting climax to the week, will be spent sitting amongst, riding and sketching elephants at an Elephant sanctuary. Now that they have learned how to sketch elephants, guests will be able to put their knowledge to the test whilst sitting right amongst their subjects.

Courses are for a maximum of 6 persons at a time and run from Thursdays to Thursdays (8 Days, 7 nights). Arrival at Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth), Eastern Cape, South Africa and departure, either George or Port Elizabeth.
The course price includes all accommodation, food and activities, but excludes all flights, medical and holiday insurance, laundry, telephones, drinks, tips, and agent’s commissions.